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Kenya Lodge Safaris

3 Days Maasai Mara
3 Days Amboseli National Park
3 Days Samburu National Reserve
4 Days Maasai Mara National Reserve
4 Days Maasai Mara | Lake Nakuru Park
4 Days Treetops Aberdares | Samburu
4 Days Lake Naivasha | Maasai Mara
5 Days Lake Nakuru | Naivasha | Maasai Mara
5 Days Maasai Mara | Lake Nakuru
6 Days Amboseli | Naivasha | Maasai Mara
6 Days Samburu | Aberdares | Maasai Mara
6 Days Aberdares | Nakuru | Naivasha | Maasai Mara
6 Days Samburu | Lake Nakuru | Maasai Mara
6 Days Lake Nakuru | Maasai Mara | Amboseli
7 Days Samburu | Lake Nakuru | Maasai Mara
7 Days Samburu | Tree Hotel | Lake Nakuru | Maasai Mara
7 Days The Ark | Samburu | Mt. Kenya Safari | Mara
7 Days The Ark | Sweetwaters  | Samburu
7 Days Treetops | Lake Nakuru | Mara | Amboseli
8 Days Samburu | Aberdares | Nakuru | Naivasha | Mara
8 Days Samburu | Nakuru | Naivasha | Maasai Mara
9 Days Aberdares | Samburu | Nakuru | Mara | Amboseli
10 Days Samburu | Aberdares | Mara | Amboseli | Tsavo
12 Days Samburu | Treetops | Nakuru | Mara | Tsavo
15 Days Samburu | Sweetwaters | Treetops | Baringo | Nakuru |  Mara | Amboseli | Tsavo

Kenya Wildlife Safari Mombasa Beach Holiday

7 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari & Beach Holiday
8 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari & Beach Holidays
10 Days Kenya Safari & Mombasa Beach Holidays
12 Days Kenya Safari & Mombasa Beach Holiday
15 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari & Beach Holidays

Kenya Special Safaris

8 Days Clubs Traveller
10 Days Bird Watching
10 Days Photographic Safari
11 Days Golf Safari
11 Days Amboseli/Mara

Kenya Air Safaris

2 Days Masai Mara Air Safari
3 Days Masai Mara Safari Tour
3 Days Amboseli National Park
3 Days Lamu Island
3 Days Mombasa Island
7 Days Air Flying Safari Package



MOMBASA EXCURSIONS: Mombasa city tours & Safaris; Affordable short safaris Mombasa, city tour, Kenya Beach hotels, Mombasa safari hotels and Kenya coast beach extensions, Zanzibar safari and Nairobi Excursions

Mombasa Excursions Safaris

KGSME 01 - Mombasa Day City Tour
Our tour picks out some of the highlights of this colourful city including the bustling fruit and vegetable market, The Old Town and Port, Fort Jesus, The Famous Elephant Tusks on Moi Avenue and The Akamba wood carvers centre. After City Tour, return to the hotel for lunch.

KGSME 02 Mamba Village
Depart your hotel after lunch for an afternoon visit to Mamba village, Africa's Largest Crocodile Farm. Your visit will coincide with the feeding time at 5.00 p.m. The visit will include the beautiful botanical gardens in this area.

KGSME 03 - Discover Mombasa by night (dinner in the castle)
Pick up from your hotel at 5.30 p.m. for a romantic dhow sundowner cruise. Sail past the old port to Fort Jesus for the sound and light show. Dinner at the Fort and then you will be dropped to the hotel at around 10.00 p.m. (half night). Alternatively after dinner you will be taken to a Casino and play for 30 minutes- 1 hour and later driven to Bora-Bora Night Club for the mid-night show. You will be dropped at the hotel at around 1.30 a.m.

KGSME 04 - Tamarind Evening Dhow
To be picked from the mombasa hotel for an evening cruise aboard a traditional dhow and enjoy the perfect combination of good food, music and romantic atmosphere on this leisurely cruise in Mombasa Old Habour. Highlights include a sumptuous seafood meal, dancing under the stars and a gentle sail past the peaceful creeks of Mombasa Island.

KGSME 05 - Ngomongo Cultural Tour
Drive to the "Ngomongo Village", a miniature reflection of tribal community groundings. Sample their lifestyles and culture in the different tribal huts and catch a real life glimpse of what may have been before "Civilization" set in. A number of traditional huts serving different tribal groundings have been recreated in this theme village. Watch or participate in the traditional food preparation, sample the various local brews and marvel or participate in the tribal dances. Return to your hotel late afternoon

KGSME 06 - Full day Wasini Island & Kisite Sea Adventure
Welcome to a day of ultimate pleasure in the richest Marine Park at the Kenyan Coast. Depart early morning for the tranquil fishing village of Shimoni, close to the Tanzanian border. The scenic route takes you through lush coconut and cashew nuts plantations and the colourful villages of the Digo people.
At Shimoni jet board an authentic motorized Lamu dhow, which cruise and sail you through an enchanting seascape of Islands to the underwater splendors of the Kisite Marine Park. Here snorkellers will marvel at the incredible variety of marine life in the shallow and warm waters around Kisite Island; the venue for numerous birds.
We escort Scuba divers to explore a number of excellent dive sites, also teeming with an astounding variety of Marine life which inhabit the magnificent coral reefs in and around the park.
A sumptuous Swahili style seafood lunch is served at Wasini Island Restaurant. Thereafter visit the traditional Muslim village before returning to your hotel late afternoon.
KGSME 07 - Nature Trail Park (Haller Park)
Depart after lunch for the Bamburi Quarry Nature Trail. The wasteland of the stone quarry has been reclaimed and amongst the casuarina trees and other tropical flora reside a variety of wildlife and birds. Eland and buffalo, crocodiles and other reptiles can be seen wandering with crowned cranes. The commercially viable aquaculture complex is also visited.

KGSME 08 - Shimba Hills National Reserve
Depart from your mombasa hotel in the Morning for Shimba Hills National park arriving Shimba Lodge in time for lunch. Afternoon game drive. Return to Mombasa arriving in the evening. Drop at your hotel.

KGSME 09 - Tsavo East National Park
Pick up from your mombasa hotel at dawn. As day breaks, drive along Mombasa-Nairobi Highway for a distance of 140 km entering Tsavo East National Park through the Bachuma gate and start your game viewing. Wildlife in the park include the "red" elephants, lions, buffalo, giraffes, zebras and other plains game. Lunch will be at Lion Hill Zomeni Lodge followed by another game drive as you depart to return to Mombasa arriving early evening. Drop at your hotel.


  Kenya Camping Safaris

3 Days Masai Mara Camping Safari
3 Days Amboseli Camping Safari
4 Days Lake Nakuru | Masai Mara
4 Days Masai Mara Camping Safari
5 Days Lake Nakuru | Masai Mara
6 Days Masai Mara & The Lakes
6 Days Samburu |Nakuru | Masai Mara
6 Days Nakuru | Masai Mara | Amboseli
8 Days Lake Turkana Camping Safaris
8 Days Nakuru | Masai Mara | Amboseli | Tsavo
11 Days Nakuru | Mara | Amboseli | Tsavo | Samburu

Mombasa Safaris

2 Days Tsavo East National Park
3 Days Tsavo West National Park
3 Days Tsavo West/Kilimanjaro
3 Days Tsavo West/Taita Hills
4 Days Tsavo West/Kilimanjaro
5 Days Tsavo/Amboseli.
6 Days Tsavo/Amboseli/Mara
7 Days Amboseli/ Mara/Treetops

Mount Kenya Climbing Routes

7 Days Sirimon Route
6 Days Sirmon Out Naro Moru
6 Days Naro Moru Route
5 Days Chogoria out Naro Moru
5 Days Sirmon Out Chiogoria
6 Days Chogoria out Naro Moru

Nairobi Excursions

Nairobi City Tour
Nairobi National Park
Bomas Of Kenya
Carnivore Restaurant
Out Of Africa
Limuru Country Tour
Rift Valley/Lake Nakuru

Mombasa Excursions

Mombasa Day City Tour
Mamba Village
Discover Mombasa by night
Tamarind Evening Dhow
Ngomongo Cultural Tour
Full day Wasini Island & Kisite
Nature Trail Park (Haller Park)
Shimba Hills National Reserve
Tsavo East National Park

Kenya Beach Safaris

Kiwayu Island
Lamu Island
Zanzibar Island
Kiwayu Beach Safari


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